Eugene Hsu

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[MIT 2002-2008][S.M. EECS 2004][Ph.D. EECS 2008]

[UW 1997-2002][B.S. CS 2002][B.S. ACMS 2002]


[MIT CSAIL]Research Assistant (9/2002-8/2008)

[MIT EECS]Teaching Assistant (9/2005-6/2008)

[Adobe]Research Intern (9/2007-1/2008)

[UW CSE]Research Assistant (1/2000-8/2002)

[UW CSE]Teaching Assistant (3/2001-6/2002)

[Microsoft]Developer Intern (6/2000-9/2000)


[Light Mixture Estimation for Spatially Varying White Balance]SIGGRAPH 2008

[Guided Time Warping for Motion Editing]SCA 2007

[Style Translation for Human Motion]SIGGRAPH 2005

[Example-Based Control of Human Motion]SCA 2004